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Andanta will display its new VGA InGaAs image sensor and an InGaAs avalanche photodiode chip. The sensor has a pixel pitch of 15μm and an overall active sensor area of 9.6 x 7.68mm. It has quantum efficiency of 70 per cent, a read out rate of 300 fps at full resolution. The sensor is available in both uncooled, 1-stage and 2-stage thermoelectric cooled versions.

The InGaAs avalanche photodiode chip has a 200μm active diameter, and is capable of photon counting in both linear and quenched modes. Typically, the InGaAs APD operates at an operating voltage of 35 to 50V. The response speed is 1GHz (3dB bandwidth).

Also on show from Andanta will be its Dirview converter, which transforms shortwave infrared light into green light. The converter integrates an InGaAs photodiode array as a near-infrared detector with a special circuit to drive a green-emitting LED array with the same pixel size and resolution as the detector array. Thus, SWIR scenes can be examined with the naked eye or read in with a visible, silicon-based camera. The detection sensitivity of the Dirview converter is currently 100μW/mm2 irradiance at a conversion efficiency of 3 per cent W/W from the near-infrared to the visible light. The response time of the converter is short in the range of a few hundred megahertz to1GHz. The default local resolution of the converter is 320 x 320 or 1,280 x 960 pixels, with a pixel size of 10μm.