Training courses & User meetings

Characterising a CMOS camera

Prof. Dr. Albert Theuwissen will give the training, which is for anyone who is interested in understanding how to obtain the performance characteristics of a CMOS image sensor or camera and how to communicate the results to their peers and customers. The training is accessible to designers, development, and test engineers that deal with CMOS image sensors and CIS cameras. The training is primarily an in-depth technical class.

Adaptive Vision Virtual Show

The event will be a mix of educational webinars and technical conversations with Adaptive Vision engineers. You will have a chance to learn about the most exciting machine vision topics including deep learning and 3D machine vision, discuss projects and requirements with Adaptive Vision engineers, as well as gather some new ideas for applications.

Teledyne Imaging technology showcase

Over the last six months, Teledyne Imaging has introduced new imaging components, driving advances in key industrial vision segments, including: machine learning and AI; extreme high-resolution and high-speed imaging; 3D sensing; multispectral imaging; and high-volume, low-cost CMOS sensors. Please join this multi-session, virtual event to learn about the new imaging solutions from Teledyne.

Phytec NXP i.MX 8 workshop

For an optimal start with the new i.MX 8 processors, Phytec offers product training courses in which the processors, modules and kits are presented. Together with our developers and the manufacturer's experts, you will find the right processor and the best start for the development of your projects.

Participants will get information about how to plan and set up an embedded imaging system based on the NXP i.MX8 processor.

The training includes: an overview of the features of i.MX8 processors, along with how the individual processors in the family differ.

MVTec innovation day

Topics include anomaly detection in deep-learning-based inspection tasks using the standard machine vision software MVTec Halcon. Other topics to be presented are deep-learning-based optical character recognition, examples of the latest embedded vision applications, Halcon's generic box finder for pick-and-place applications, and identification via subpixel barcode reader.

Future vision webcast

This webcast will cover an event-based camera for high-speed imaging, multi-shot lighting, and using the MTF of lenses for vision system design

Webinar: next generation depth sensing

Join Dr Christopher Scheubel from Framos and Miro Mlejnek from Intel as they explore the benefits of the Framos D435e camera, featuring Intel’s RealSense technology for industrial environments. Scheubel and Mlejnek will delve deep into the technical specifications and performance of this industrial 3D camera.  In addition, this webinar will feature Intel’s RealSense roadmap for off-the-shelf 3D cameras.


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