Conferences & Exhibitions

AIA Vision Solutions Conference

The International Vision Solutions Conference, a two-day online conference, taught by industry leaders that will show how vision can help increase profitability, improve throughput, reduce defects, comply with regulations, and solve your automation problems.

Free OpenVX webinar

Khronos will host a free OpenVX webinar that will:

  • Introduce the significant new features in OpenVX 1.3
  • Describe how these features are being leveraged by OpenVX adopters
  • Answer common questions about OpenVX
  • Show how OpenVX uniquely enables both driver optimization and extensibility
  • Analyze a complete application to learn about real-world performance, and memory footprint advantages of using OpenVX
  • Comparison between OpenVX and OpenCV

Vision in food production webcast

This webcast will cover three case studies of vision used in food production, including hyperspectral inspection of fish and strawberries, and 3D vision to core apples

Embedded Vision Summit

Happening September 15-25 from 9 am-2 pm PT, the Embedded Vision Summit is the premier conference for innovators adding computer vision, sensor data and AI to products.

OSA Frontiers in Optics and Laser Science

OSA Frontiers in Optics and Laser Science APS/DLS will be held as scheduled in an all-virtual, web conference format, which is free to attend. The OSA Quantum 2.0 Conference will be presented concurrently.

Inpho Venture Summit

Since 2008, Inpho Venture Summit is a high-end space where tech royalty leaders, private investors and large corporations meet to invest in promising solutions to shape the future. The event aims to tackle our world’s most pressing challenges through disruptive technologies.


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