Analysis & opinion

14 August 2008

Scientists at Stanford University have developed a program that can construct 3D models from single 2D images using the same visual cues that humans rely on to infer 3D information.

17 June 2008

Smart cameras, smart sensors and compact vision systems are leading the charge in the field of machine vision with above average growth, according to a new report by IMS Research.

23 April 2008

Prospects for the machine vision industry appear to be upbeat, if the mood of the European Machine Vision Association's (EMVA) business conference was anything to go by.

20 March 2008

The EMVA will hold its 6th European Machine Vision Business Conference in Berlin, Germany this year. Taking place on 11-12 April 2008, the conference will bring together business leaders and technical experts within the machine vision industry.

25 February 2008

Traffic cameras that can count the number of people in a car through thermal imaging techniques are set to begin global trials and enter production.

17 January 2008

Flir Systems has completed its acquisition of a majority shareholding in Cedip Infrared Systems, which will now be integrated and marketed under the Thermography Division of Flir.

15 January 2008

A new supplier of CMOS image sensors has been launched in Antwerp, Belgium, by five former senior members of FillFactory, which Cypress acquired in 2004.

19 December 2007

After a period of rapid growth, the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) now includes more than 100 members. The 100th organisation to join the association was NeuroCheck.

15 November 2007

A new technique that captures and processes 3D images instantaneously has scooped the Vision Award at this year's Vision Show, held in Stuttgart on 6-8 November.

09 October 2007

A new module on the characterisation of linearity, and the associated errors, has been added to the EMVA 1288 Standard, which describes how a manufacturer must detail the specifications of vision equipment.

24 September 2007

A new technique for vision processing could allow 3D models of buildings to be recreated from ordinary, 2D digital photographs.

28 August 2007

The shortlist for the 5,000-Euro Vision Award has been announced. The award, sponsored by Imaging and Machine Vision Europe, will be presented at the Vision Show in Stuttgart.