Analysis & opinion

15 September 2020

Greg Blackman speaks to Simon Beveridge, managing director of UK-based vision integrator Siga Vision, about installing vision systems during Covid-19

Some of Luminate's third cohort of startups. Credit: Luminate

24 August 2020

On 14 September, 10 photonics startups from Luminate's business accelerator will present their technology during The Optical Society’s virtual conference. Greg Blackman asks Luminate MD, Sujatha Ramanujan, how these young companies are coping during Covid-19

Credit: Messe Stuttgart

13 August 2020

Greg Blackman gathers opinion from the vision community on the impact the cancellation of Vision Stuttgart has on product releases and connecting with customers

A point cloud of a National Research Council Canada artefact superimposed on a CAD model. Credit: NIST

31 July 2020

How do you choose a 3D vision system for a robot cell? Geraldine Cheok and Kamel Saidi at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the USA discuss an initiative to define standards for industrial 3D imaging

SWIR imaging can show bruising in fruit that wouldn't be evident with a visible camera. Credit: Sony

22 July 2020

Edmund Optics’s Thomas Armspach-Young and Boris Lange consider the optics needed to get the best out of Sony's new short-wave infrared image sensors

What kind of economic development do you expect during and after this crisis?

22 July 2020

Findings from a two-part survey, conducted by the European Machine Vision Association, on the effects the Covid-19 pandemic could have on the machine vision industry

Credit: Drag&bot

02 July 2020

Christoph Hellmann Santos, of the ROS Industrial Consortium Europe and Fraunhofer IPA, explains why more industrial users are now building robots through the open source software platform, Robot Operating System

Credit: Flir Systems

07 May 2020

As demand for thermal imaging rises during the coronavirus pandemic, Greg Blackman asks how effective thermal cameras are at screening people for signs of fever

05 May 2020

Greg Blackman speaks to Kieran Edge at the University of Sheffield's Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, about new vision projects and the presentation he is to give for UKIVA's vision technology hub, to be broadcast on 14 May

05 May 2020

Stemmer Imaging's David Hearn has died after a long illness. Mark Williamson, corporate marketing director at the company, looks back at Hearn’s career

27 April 2020

The appetite for vision and automation remains strong, but there is still a lot of uncertainty at the present time, were the views of the heads of the AIA, EMVA, VDMA Machine Vision, and UKIVA in a webinar

Chinese hospitals have ordered 2,000 UVD robots from Blue Ocean Robotics since the start of the pandemic. Credit: Blue Ocean Robotics

09 April 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of robotics and automation in many areas of manufacturing and society, according to CEOs of robotic firms in a webinar run by A3