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Credit: Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH

12 October 2022

Mark Williamson, Chairman of the Board of VDMA Machine Vision, at the opening of the Vision trade fair, said the industry had grown by an impressive 16% in Germany in 2021

The panel discussion at Embedded World in June. Credit: VDMA and Framos

31 August 2022

Anne Wendel, VDMA Machine Vision, reports on what was said during a vision panel discussion at Embedded World earlier in the year

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31 August 2022

Warehouses operate on dollars per square foot, with very different drivers for vision tech than a factory, writes Tom Brennan, president of Artemis Vision

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15 August 2022

The vision sector is changing rapidly, so how can firms thrive? Holly Cave speaks to some key vision suppliers

Credit: Covision Lab

05 July 2022

Covision Lab has ambitions to be the leading computer vision machine learning hub in Europe for industry. Greg Blackman spoke to its CEO, Franz Tschimben

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29 June 2022

Fresh from Embedded World, we speak to Tim Vehling at Mythic on the benefits of AI accelerators for industrial vision

Image: Thitichaya Yajampa/

28 June 2022

Mark Hebbel, head of consultancy at Chainstep, on the importance of cybersecurity in vision sensors now that factories are more connected

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16 May 2022

Scorpion Vision's Paul Wilson spoke at the UKIVA conference in April about how Raspberry Pi cameras are now more than just a device for hobbyists. Greg Blackman reports

Anne Wendel, director of VDMA Machine Vision

11 March 2022

Anne Wendel, director of VDMA Machine Vision, on how the mechanical engineering sector could be affected by the war in Ukraine

Credit: Intel

01 March 2022

Greg Blackman examines the importance of Tower foundries to machine vision sensor firms, following Intel’s acquisition

Jyrki Rosenberg (left) and Tapani Ryhänen, Emberion’s CEO and CTO respectively. Credit: Emberion

24 January 2022

After raising €6m for its nanomaterial SWIR imagers, Emberion’s CEO and CTO, Jyrki Rosenberg and Tapani Ryhänen, speak about the technology and what the future holds

Paweł Malinowski, program manager at Imec

15 December 2021

Imec's Paweł Malinowski looks at the SWIR imaging landscape, as STMicroelectronics announces a quantum dot SWIR sensor at IEDM