Analysis & opinion

13 October 2016

With the acquisition of Point Grey, Flir Systems has made a strategic move in the machine vision sector, argue Dr Eric Mounier and Pierre Cambou at market research firm Yole Développement

19 September 2016

Five companies have been shortlisted for the Vision Award at the upcoming Vision trade fair. Imaging and Machine Vision Europe looks at the technology chosen by the jury

01 September 2016

Yesterday, Brazil's Senate voted to impeach President Dilma Rousseff for manipulating the budget. Yet despite the country being in the midst of a recession, Brazil is still a huge market for automated solutions, writes J. Rizzo Hahn, CEO of Brazilian automation company, Pollux Automation

12 July 2016

Denis Bulgin speaks to two senior members of the UK Industrial Vision Association (UKIVA) - Mark Williamson, former UKIVA chairman, and Paul Wilson, UKIVA vice chairman - to examine the prospects for the UK and European vision markets following Britain's decision to leave the EU

28 April 2016

Greg Blackman reports from the Control trade fair in Stuttgart, Germany, where multisensor inspection systems and 3D scanners, all using vision technology, were on display

12 November 2015

A report from the Association for Advancing Automation (A3) has linked increases in the use of robots in manufacturing with higher employment in the USA. Bob Doyle at A3 looks at the reasons for the trend

14 July 2015

With recent new product releases offering support for GPUs, more vision engineers are starting to design embedded systems. Greg Blackman reports on the rise of embedded vision

29 June 2015

Having been talked about for many years, a standard for machine vision lighting is once again on the agenda. Peter Bhagat of Gardasoft Vision explains why the signs are good for it to now come to fruition

16 June 2015

With the Greek economic crisis providing the backdrop, Greg Blackman reports from the European Machine Vision Association's business conference in Athens

18 May 2015

Russia is one of the big emerging markets for machine vision, but the current political and economic environment adds a complexity to doing business in the country. Greg Blackman speaks to Alexei Matveev, head of Business Media Russia, organisers of the upcoming Vision Russia trade fair

26 March 2015

Sony has decided to discontinue its line of CCD sensors. Pierre Cambou, activity leader, imaging and sensors at market research firm Yole Developpement, assesses what the move means for machine vision camera suppliers

13 November 2014

Following Odos Imaging winning the Vision Award, Greg Blackman, in the second part of his report from the Vision trade fair in Stuttgart, examines the 3D imaging technology on display



Greg Blackman investigates the rise of embedded vision and finds that advances in computer hardware are set to revolutionise factory automation


Beth Harlen looks at how the accessibility of imaging technology has impacted the evolution of geographic information systems


Matthew Dale looks at how thermal imaging is improving solar plant inspection


Working for Siemens and the Technical University of Munich, Tolga Birdal received the 2016 European Machine Vision Association's Young Professional Award in June