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20 July 2021

Isabel Yang from the China Machine Vision Union gave an update on the vision market in the country during the EMVA business conference

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13 July 2021

Greg Blackman reports on the progress being made in Industry 4.0, as discussed during the EMVA conference

Dirk Engelbrecht, CEO of Andugo

01 July 2021

Greg Blackman speaks to Dirk Engelbrecht who is bringing the automation value chain together through his online platform

14 June 2021

Dietmar Ley, Basler’s CEO, was speaking during the European Machine Vision Association's business conference

01 April 2021

Greg Blackman reports from the Association for Advancing Automation's latest digital show on the advances being made using AI for industrial inspection

Neil Trevett and Chris Yates

16 March 2021

The Khronos Group and the EMVA are to explore software standards for embedded vision. Khronos’ Neil Trevett and EMVA’s Chris Yates explain the work

05 March 2021

Greg Blackman reports from the Embedded World show, where industry experts gave insights into vision processing at the edge

The first colour image, captured by a CMV20000 sensor, to be sent back by the hazard cameras on the Perseverance rover after its landing on Mars on 18 February. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

26 February 2021

Greg Blackman speaks to Guy Meynants, formerly of Cmosis, and Paul Jerram, of Teledyne e2v, about the history of the image sensors onboard the Mars rover

17 February 2021

The UK Industrial Vision Association’s Neil Sandhu and Allan Anderson assess some of the implications of the trade deal between the EU and the UK

Credit: Flir

22 January 2021

Dimitrios Damianos and Eric Mounier at Yole Développement examine the market landscape after the $8bn purchase

12 January 2021

Dr Chris Yates, director of Vision Ventures, gives his take on Flir's acquisition by Teledyne Technologies

14 December 2020

Greg Blackman reports on the views of panellists from AIT, MVTec, Irida Labs, and Xilinx discussing AI and machine vision