QuadraMount bi-telecentric lenses

31 March 2014
Opto has introduced QuadraMount versions of its bi-telecentric lenses, which incorporate a simple yet effective mounting and integration mechanism

SIL2 range

SIL2 range

31 March 2014
Specialised Imaging has introduced a new high speed relay lens to enable easy interfacing of its SIL2 range of image intensifiers to almost any high speed camera or video system
Specialised Imaging

Techspec UV-NIR Neutral Density filters

25 February 2014
Edmund Optics has introduced its Techspec UV-NIR Neutral Density (ND) filters, suited to a range of applications, including spectroscopy, machine vision, or ellipsometry
Edmund Optics

ML-MCHR macro lens series

ML-MCHR macro lens series

30 January 2014
Schott Moritex has introduced a vibration-resistant megapixel macro lens series designed for use in environments subject to significant vibration in factory automation
Schott Moritex

Techspec IG6 infrared aspheric lenses

29 January 2014
Edmund Optics, a provider of optical components, has introduced Techspec IG6 infrared aspheric lenses, ideal for thermal imaging
Edmund Optics

Line of thin film filters

14 January 2014
Precision Glass & Optics

Zinc sulphide thermal imaging lens

6 January 2014
Premier Electronics

Techspec convex mirrors

9 December 2013
Edmund Optics

Techspec compact instrumentation imaging lenses

2 December 2013
Edmund Optics

T150/0.26-B lenses

29 November 2013
Vision and Control

Caspian C-39N0-16

29 November 2013

Opto Engineering MCZR optical systems

29 November 2013
Stemmer Imaging

Techspec hard coated OD4 25nm bandpass filters

26 November 2013
Edmund Optics

The Model 230

12 November 2013
Resolve Optics

FL series

12 November 2013
Ricoh Imaging Deutschland

Aspheric lenses

29 October 2013
Ross Optical Industries

Caspian M12-316-3.7

21 October 2013

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