eSOMiMX6 computer and See3CAM cameras

2 December 2014
E-con Systems has launched its eSOMiMX6 computer on module, as well as the See3CAM_CU51, part of the See3CAM family of USB3.0 SuperSpeed cameras
E-con Systems

Kintex UltraScale KU115 FPGA

2 December 2014
Xilinx has announced the expansion of its 20 nm portfolio with shipment of the Kintex UltraScale KU115 FPGA

USB3.0 interface for Sony's FCB MA130 camera

2 December 2014
Vreo Innovation, a UK-based technology company, has designed a USB3.0 interface for Sony's FCB MA130 camera module
Vreo Innovation

Gecko enclosures for Flir Ax5 thermal camera

28 November 2014
AutoVimation has revised its Gecko enclosures to provide a special heat guide, quick lock camera mount for Flir Ax5 thermal imaging cameras

Remote camera over fibre link

13 November 2014
Gidel unveils a new family of products called Remote Camera Over Fibre Link enabling frame acquisition from a remote camera at a distance of up to 40km without repeaters

Express-HL2 and cExpress-BT2 computing boards

30 October 2014
Adlink Technology

4Sight GPm industrial imaging computer

29 October 2014
Matrox Imaging

Transcoding technology for multi-screen imaging systems

29 October 2014
Pleora Technologies

Colibri protective camera enclosures

29 October 2014

Kit for machine vision application evaluations

29 October 2014
Stemmer Imaging

NI CVS-1459RT vision system

8 October 2014
National Instruments

Vision Docs app

8 October 2014
Stemmer Imaging

Imaging Catologue

26 September 2014
Edmund Optics

DisplayPort KVM extenders

26 September 2014

SIMX Ultra High-Speed Framing Camera

15 August 2014
Specialised Imaging

iPORT NTx-W Embedded Video Interface

22 July 2014
Pleora Technologies


18 July 2014

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