USB 3.0 25-metre cable for Ximea cameras

30 July 2015
Components Express and Ximea have jointly announced that Ximea's lines of USB 3.0 and USB3 Vision cameras have been successfully tested with CEI's 25 meter active repeater BitMaxx cable


17 July 2015
EVT presents the new revised EyeMIO-v2. The EyeMIO is an PLC-IO-Module for industrial use


16 July 2015
Orange Tree Technologies, a UK-based company, has launched a high-performance Gigabit Ethernet FPGA module, the ZestET2-NJ
Orange Tree Technologies


16 July 2015
Teledyne Dalsa has introduced TurboDrive, a proprietary and patent-pending data encoding technology that allows select Teledyne Dalsa GigE Vision cameras to achieve impressive speeds
Teledyne Dalsa

IVS-SVP camera housing

16 July 2015
Industrial Vision Systems (IVS) has launched a new enclosure to protect vision system cameras placed within harsh working, industrial environments
Industrial Vision Systems

Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC

15 July 2015

H-811.S11 hexapod

11 May 2015
Physik Instrumente

CoolingJacket Advanced

7 May 2015

Products for video connectivity in harsh environments

27 March 2015
Pleora Technologies


5 February 2015
AdLink Technology

Kintex UltraScale KU115 FPGA

2 December 2014

eSOMiMX6 computer and See3CAM cameras

2 December 2014
E-con Systems

USB3.0 interface for Sony's FCB MA130 camera

2 December 2014
Vreo Innovation

Gecko enclosures for Flir Ax5 thermal camera

28 November 2014

Remote camera over fibre link

13 November 2014

Express-HL2 and cExpress-BT2 computing boards

30 October 2014
Adlink Technology

4Sight GPm industrial imaging computer

29 October 2014
Matrox Imaging

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