Lasers for Machine Vision and Inspection

Microcontroller for MVmicro DIG Laser Modules

Microcontroller for MVmicro DIG Laser Modules

20 September 2016
Laser Components has expanded its range of Flexpoint MVmicro machine vision laser modules to include a microcontroller, allowing users to interface with the module through an RS232 connector
Laser Components

MVmicro DIG series

MVmicro DIG series

18 July 2016
With this in mind we are pleased to introduce the MVmicro DIG series; a standard MVmicro Machine Vision laser with an integrated microprocessor which offers various communication and reporting options
Laser Components


7 July 2016
Laser Components now presents its first dedicated random pattern generator, the MVstereo
Laser Components

Z3D/ZLP-Control and ZLP-Laser projector

19 May 2016
Z-Laser presented itself at this year's Control 2016 not only in a new look, but also only with new products

VCSEL arrays with diffusers

24 September 2015
Princeton Optronics has announced the availability of high power (2W and 6W) 860 and 940nm VCSEL arrays with diffusers mounted on top of them for use as illuminators for 3D Imaging applications
Princeton Optronics

OptoNCDT blue laser sensor

17 July 2015

Visible laser diodes

27 March 2015

ZM18 series

6 February 2015

StingRay structured light generating laser

21 January 2015

ZM18 lasers

14 November 2014

SI LUX640 laser illumination system

8 October 2014
Specialised Imaging

ZFSM fibre-coupled laser platform

8 October 2014

Structured light pattern generating laser from Coherent

22 July 2014
Alrad Imaging


7 April 2014

EyeSens AdBead

5 March 2014
Eye Vision Technology

VLG volume measuring system

10 February 2014
Framos Imaging Systems

IQ7 laser speckle reducer

2 December 2013
Power Technology

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