Frame grabbers

RadientPro CL, eV-CL and eV-CLHS frame grabbers

RadientPro CL, eV-CL and eV-CLHS frame grabbers

18 November 2014
Matrox Imaging has launched the Radient eV-CL, RadientPro CL and Radient eV-CLHS frame grabbers, as well as MIL 10 processing pack 1 and MIL support for IntervalZero's RTX64 real-time operating system
Matrox Imaging

Axion-CL frame grabber

29 October 2014
BitFlow is continuing to widen its technology dominance in the Camera Link frame grabber (CL) category with the scheduled unveiling of its new Axion-CL, the company's sixth generation CL frame grabber, at Vision in Stuttgart


23 September 2014
Euresys' Coaxlink is a series of four frame grabbers which acquire images from the fastest, highest resolution cameras on the market using the new CoaXPress camera interface standard

Coaxlink Quad

21 July 2014
Euresys is proud to launch the Coaxlink Quad, first of a new series of four CoaXPress frame grabbers

Karbon CL4-SP

31 March 2014
BitFlow is now offering the Karbon CL4-SP, a single-camera version of its Karbon-CL, designed to handle the latest 80-bit 85MHz cameras. These are the fastest cameras supported by the Camera Link standard

iPort CL-U3

31 March 2014
Pleora Technologies

CLM-602 Camera Link Multiplexer

31 March 2014
Vivid Engineering

Picolo HD 3G DVI

28 February 2014


27 February 2014
Kane Computing

iPort SB-Gig and SB-U3

16 January 2014
Pleora Technologies HD8R

2 December 2013

StreamCorder-SD4 and StreamCorder-HD

29 November 2013
Advanced Micro Peripherals

Matlab adapter

11 November 2013

VisionAV-HD, VisionAV-SDI and VisionHD4 cards

20 September 2013
Stemmer Imaging


19 August 2013
Adlink Technology

Xtium-CL PX4

7 August 2013
Stemmer Imaging

Alta-AN frame grabbers

31 May 2013

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