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3D surface inspection solutions

4 February 2016
Matrox Imaging today announced that developers of high-resolution 3D surface inspection solutions based on Chromasens' 3DPIXA stereo line scan camera, Corona II illuminator and CS-3D software can source all additional system components from Matrox Imaging
Matrox Imaging

3D Precision Displacement Tracker

22 January 2016
Imetrum, a leader in non-contact precision measurement, has launched a new precision, non-contact 3D measurement system

Metric lens

17 September 2015
Aicon has announced that its optical 3D coordinate measuring machine, DPA, is equipped with a new high-performance metric lens


6 August 2015
Adlink Technology has announced it will offer its first COM Express Basic Size Type 6 module incorporating the Intel Xeon E3-1200 processor and Intel Core i7 processor with Intel QM87 Chipset
Adlink Technology

Series C industrial videoscope

17 July 2015
Olympus has launched its Series C industrial videoscope, delivering cost-effective, reliable and easy inspection of manufactured parts


12 May 2015

TubeInspect P16

7 May 2015
Aicon 3D Systems

CylinderInspector 3D

20 April 2015

Automotive inspection system

2 April 2015
Wente/Thiedig and Vision Components

DSX series

27 March 2015

Polterluchs camera system

6 February 2015

ThermoSecure L food packaging inspection machine

2 February 2015

Volume light grid

2 February 2015

MetaView system

9 January 2015
Meta Vision Systems

The IP 40 T and the IP 110 T

2 December 2014
Werth Messtechnik

SmartScan R8 system

28 November 2014
Aicon 3D Systems

EVOS system for railroad and shipping

29 October 2014

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