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Aramis 3D camera

19 May 2016
Gom's new Aramis 3D camera is a 3D motion and deformation sensor for materials testing and component deformation analysis

Deep Sea View system

19 May 2016
Kane Computing has released Deep Sea View (DSV), an Electro Optical (EO) system for locating surface and semi-submerged objects in coastal waters and open oceans from aerial platforms
Kane Computing

Iplex NX videoscope

19 May 2016
Olympus has launched its new Iplex NX videoscope, featuring industry-leading image quality, manoeuvrability and intuitive operation

ImageXpress Micro 4 high-content imaging system

20 April 2016
Molecular Devices, a leader in protein and cell biology technologies, today announced the launch of its ImageXpress Micro 4 High-Content Imaging System
Molecular Devices

PrimeScan 3D scanner

18 April 2016
With the new scanner line PrimeScan, Aicon 3D Systems provides an attractive entry-level solution for highly precise 3D digitization of industrial components
Aicon 3D Systems

PERC cell inspection

16 March 2016
Isra Vision

3D surface inspection solutions

4 February 2016
Matrox Imaging

3D Precision Displacement Tracker

22 January 2016

Metric lens

17 September 2015


6 August 2015
Adlink Technology

Series C industrial videoscope

17 July 2015


12 May 2015

TubeInspect P16

7 May 2015
Aicon 3D Systems

CylinderInspector 3D

20 April 2015

Automotive inspection system

2 April 2015
Wente/Thiedig and Vision Components

DSX series

27 March 2015

Polterluchs camera system

6 February 2015

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