16 July 2015
On Semiconductor is expanding its 1/3-inch, 1 megapixel (MP) image sensor portfolio with early sampling of the company's first backside illuminated (BSI) sensor technology for the automotive imaging market.
On Semiconductor

Mini-Nyx- S 640 SWIR Integrated Dewar Cooler Assembly

10 April 2015
AIRS has launched the mini-Nyx- S 640 SWIR Integrated Dewar Cooler Assembly (IDCA). The mini-Nyx-S 640 IDCA is integrated with a high performance 640 x 512 short wave infrared (SWIR) IRFPA

CMV2000 and CMV4000

27 March 2015
CMOSIS, the leading European supplier of advanced CMOS image sensors, will begin sampling low-cost versions of its CMV2000 and CMV4000 imagers in May 2015

Pico640 Gen2

27 March 2015
ULIS has announced the availability of Pico640 Gen2, a VGA format 17-micron thermal image sensor for 24/7 security night vision

S12379 CCD

27 March 2015
Hamamatsu Photonics introduces a new linear CCD image sensor, the S12379
Hamamatsu Photonics

The S11299

6 February 2015
Hamamatsu Photonics

Rad-icon 3030

6 February 2015
Teledyne DALSA

2D/3D laser profile sensor series

5 February 2015
Micro-Epsilon UK

CMOS linear image sensors

28 January 2015
Hamamatsu Photonics

WDR dynamic range global shutter VGA InGaAs sensor

9 January 2015

X-ray detectors

2 December 2014
Teledyne Dalsa

C13247 sensor

2 December 2014
Hamamatsu Photonics

Python CMOS sensors and the KAE-02150 CCD

1 December 2014
On Semiconductor

Backside-illuminated CMOS sensor for UV

14 November 2014

Onyx low-light CMOS sensors

13 November 2014

KAI-08670 CCD image sensor

8 October 2014
On Semiconductor

AisaFenix 1K hyperspectral sensor

8 October 2014

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