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Datalogic's revenue up on this time last year

17 April 2014
Datalogic's preliminary sales revenues of 108.2 million Euro for the first quarter of 2014 has increased by 6.1 per cent when compared to 2013 the company has announced


Chinese steel manufacturers on the right tracks

14 April 2014
The latest production line of one of China's largest steel manufacturers is equipped with an optical flatness measurement system developed by Nextsense


Fraunhofer re-wires strip product inspection

9 April 2014


New algorithm aids robot navigation

8 April 2014


Travis Merrill joins Flir

8 April 2014


G&H announce spectral imaging agreement with Philumina

8 April 2014


Painful loss in the human vs computer-vision battle

4 April 2014


Analysis & Opinion

Driving imaging innovation

News image26 March 2014
Jessica Rowbury reports from an automotive session at the Image Sensors conference in London, which included speakers from Valeo Systems, BMW, Melexis and Jaguar Land Rover

Adding intelligence to machine vision

25 February 2014
Following speaking at the AIA business conference in Orlando, Florida at the end of January, Jon Sobel, CEO and co-founder of Sight Machine, argues that with modern data analytics machine vision can be much more than just inspection

A round-up of machine vision from Frankfurt

6 February 2014
Changes to Asian minimum wages are having a global effect on the machine vision industry, as Tom Eddershaw found out at the Vision CEO Roundtable event held in Frankfurt, Germany, on the 4 February